Season 3, Episode 5

Achieving Self Mastery with Derren Ohanian

We are going deep and getting clear on the role personal development and spirituality play in our journeys as entrepreneurs! Derren Ohanian is a serial entrepreneur, coach, and creative who joins me in this episode to share insights from his personal evolution as a founder and CEO.


Derren also opens up about the biggest challenges he’s had to overcome and why self-mastery is the key to unlocking our full potential as entrepreneurs and human beings.

Episode Highlights

Hosts & Guests

Jackie Kossoff, Host

Derren Ohanian, Ascension Guide


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Inside This Episode

(2:00) Jackie Intro

(3:37) Derren Intro

(7:40) Derren’s definitions of success throughout his career

(8:40) “that really takes a toll on your mental space because you’re never at peace you’re  always looking for the next thing, or trying to get something done”

(10:50) Advice for entrepreneurs who are experiencing burnout

(13:50) “If you value something you will always come back to it”

(16:10) Derren’s biggest achievement thus far

(20:00) An example of Derren’s entrepreneurial ingenuity 

(28:15) Derren’s net level of success

(30:45) “Do you feel it in your body, are you alive, fully?”

(32:45) “Comparison kills inspiration and creativity”

(34:14) How Derren makes time for all of his projects

(43:25) Derren’s work with self mastery

(51:00) How can self mastery help you in your business as an entrepreneur?

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The Flowing River (Poetry)

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