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You are so ready to scale your digital marketing agency! You’ve been serving clients and launching offers for a while now. You’re confident in your ability to get your clients amazing results. However, when it comes to  your own business, you feel like you’re all ALL OVER THE PLACEand can’t seem to create your own results.

How can this be?! As digital marketers, we face a unique “problem” as we grow our agencies…We know ALL the strategies (or most of them), and there are just too many to choose from!

My 1:1 coaching programs are specifically designed to help digital marketers as they build and scale their online agencies!

My Three Pillars of Coaching


There are so many ways to grow our businesses with our marketing skills that we can easily become overwhelmed by all the possibilities! Let’s start by getting clear on your vision for your marketing agency. 



It’s time to become intentional about builidng your marketing agency according to your vision. Yes, this includes discussing some potential strategies (because that’s always so much fun!), but it’s also about cultivating a growth mindset that fits your business!


At the end of the day, nothing will move forward in our businesses without action. We will work together to identify the aligned action steps that lead to meaningful growth in your marketing agency!

What My Clients Say

Working with Jackie, I’ve been able to become clear about my business and the things I want to accomplish. I’ve gained several clients and developed/launched a new membership program! I am more confident in my business and my abilities to make my business successful. I love that [Jackie’s coaching style] is like talking to a friend. It’s totally guided and structured, but it feels really casual. Like a brainstorm session.

Stephanie Mead

CEO & Digital Marketing Consultant, Stephanie Mead Creative

The mastermind organized by Jackie was one of the best investments I could have made at the time. I felt listened to, encouraged and above all supported. The group introduced me to a network of like-minded individuals that have been my go-to on various occasions.

Josselyn Partida

Social Media Strategist

I believe that anything can happen in 90 days…

On my own entrepreneurial journey, it seems that I’ve experienced the most growth and transformation in cycles of 90 days. I quit my corporate job 90 days after I decided to start a business. I went from idea to podcast launch in about 90 days. I grew my team from two people to five in less than 90 days. 

It’s no wonder that I decided to create a coaching program that’s 90 days! That’s three months of 1:1 coaching where we work together to build and scale your marketing agency YOUR WAY!

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