Hi! I'm Jackie!

And this is my story…

What I Do

Hello! I’m so excited to have you here!

I’m Jackie Kossoff, Marketing Strategist & Success Coach, and my mission is to help fellow women entrepreneurs reach their business goals through integrated marketing strategies and community-based coaching!

My marketing agency serves entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space who are invested in selling out their digital products and programs. Whether you’re looking to outsource your Facebook Ads or create an entire funnel, I’m here to help you navigate the tech side of digital marketing!

My community-based success coaching programs serve millennial entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs as they embark on the early stages of their journey. After completing my first year in business, I was inspired to create resources and programs to serve other young, female entrepreneurs who, like me, decided to seize their own success before settling down with a spouse or having children.

I am the host of the “Millennial Success Stories” Podcast and the “Millennial Women’s Mastermind,” which combines community and 1:1 coaching support in a high-level, six month experience. I am also the founder of the “Accountability Collective,” a monthly membership program where committed entrepreneurial women support one another on their individual paths to success. My “Accountability Mentorship Program” provides a higher level of support for women dedicated to making their goals a reality.

So how did I get here? How did I create a business that allows me to combine my passions and serve a variety of clients? Let’s rewind…

Less than two years ago, I thought my life was going to plan. Right out of college, I was offered a job as a Marketing Assistant and within 18-months, I had been named Employee of the Quarter, an honor usually reserved for those with 3+ years of company service.

Then in May of 2017, I took my first vacation in two years. I had forgotten what it was like to LIVE! When I returned, I knew I couldn’t stay in an environment where I’d be living for just two weeks per year.

Over the summer, I stumbled upon a blog post about two millennial women working and traveling around the world as digital nomads. I was so inspired by their courage to set out on their own and take command of their lives! I joined an all-women’s digital nomad Facebook group, and started hearing from other women who were living out the lives of their dreams.

The dream of having my own online business was born, and it grew until it could not be ignored. There’s been a number of times in my life where my intuition made its wishes known loud and clear. This was one of them. I was destined to be an entrepreneur! 

I decided I would start my own social media and web design business. Marketing was what I knew and, I found it fun (but from the very beginning, I knew there had to be more for me). Within 90 days, I completed a business building course, quit my job, signed my first high-end social media client, and started on my journey of entrepreneurship!

A few months later, I discovered that I LOVED Facebook Ads! It also helped that I was REALLY good at them! I began to run ads for multiple six- and seven-figure companies, mainly in the health and wellness space.

My Story

In August 2018, I hit an obstacle in the form of two major potential clients backing out of contracts at the last minute. I had been days away from celebrating my highest month in business; instead, it became my lowest month.

For the next four weeks, I just stopped. I serviced my remaining clients, but I didn’t even try to sign any new clients. I couldn’t bare another rejection. I started questioning whether I was meant to be a successful entrepreneur. I asked myself the question every entrepreneur dreads: Should I apply to a 9-5?

My entire being answered with a resounding “NO!” 

I took a step back and realized that I hadn’t been fully committed to my business. Going back to the 9-5 world had been a fall-back in the back of my head since the start — not the most solid foundation to grow a business upon.

Over the next week, all I did was reassess and plan the total revamp of my business. I wrote new business goals and set out a clear path to achieve them. I created a system to keep myself accountable. I had been complaining for months that if only I found a stellar accountability partner, I would be able to stay on track. I was stepping up to become my own accountability partner!

October was the month of renewal and regeneration for my business and mindset. After the first week, I felt entirely rejuvenated! I fell in love with owning my own business again, and new opportunities and potential clients started finding me! I’d more than doubled my monthly income in just 6 weeks!

In addition to these personal and professional successes, I received the inspiration to create a whole new set of programs dedicated to helping other young women entrepreneurs experience their own success breakthroughs!

I saw the vision for my new direction in business so clearly, I honestly can’t describe it. All I can do is help others experience the same so they’ll know exactly what it is I’m talking about and how magical it feels!

In early 2019, I founded the Accountability Collective and Accountability Mentorship Program, followed shortly after by the Millennial Women’s Mastermind—my second time leading a mastermind of young, entrepreneurial women! My podcast, Millennial Success Stories, was born as a natural byproduct of the mastermind and the community of women I’ve been called to serve.

All my love,

  • Big Sister 100% 100%
  • Friend 100% 100%
  • Writer 40% 40%
  • Reader 60% 60%
  • British History Lover 90% 90%
  • Sorority Recruitment Enthusiast 90% 90%

What About When I’m Not Working?

Ever since I was three-years-old, I’ve been a full-time big sister! My sister and I have always been close, and I am so happy to have her support in everything I do (or nearly everything).

I am so grateful to my amazing friends for standing by me on every step of my entrepreneurship journey! Plus, some of them are along for the ride!

I have always loved reading and writing! I have a B.F.A. in Creative Writing in addition to my B.S. in Communications.

Two of my passions in life are British History and Sorority Recruitment. They don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, but I love them all the same! Check out my history brand, HistoryLush, online and on social!