Season 3, Episode 4

Let’s Talk About Growing Without a Coach!

It is totally possible to experience immense personal and business growth WITHOUT a coach! In this episode, I share my own experience growing without a coach and the incredibly valuable lessons I learned along the way. 

Episode Highlights

Hosts & Guests

Jackie Kossoff, Host


The Millennial Success Society

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Inside This Episode

(1:12) Jackie Intro

(3:10) How to invest in your business without making large investments

(3:31) Lesson 1: Narrowing down what needs to happen in your business

(5:02) Lesson 2: Learning which coaches resonate with you

(7:45) Lesson 3: How to build trust in yourself and celebrate yourself

(9:49) Lesson 4: Playing to your strengths and keeping yourself accountable 

(13:55) Lesson 5: How to become resourceful

(16:03) “Only invest in a coach when it is right for you”

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