Season 3, Episode 20

Cultivating Self-Confidence for Success with Allison Krawiec-Thayer

Many of us are drawn to entrepreneurship because we have a desire to serve. However, sometimes trying to be of service to others can turn into people-pleasing. Business & Leadership Coach and Founder of PoppyLead, Allison KT, joins me in this episode to share insights on how cultivating self-confidence and inner leadership skills can help us grow our businesses and serve others on a deeper level.

Allison also opens up about her very own journey from ‘people-pleaser’ to ‘confidently in charge’ of her business!

Episode Highlights

Hosts & Guests

Jackie Kossoff, Host

Allison KT, Founder of PoppyLead

The Millennial Success Society

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Inside This Episode

(1:12) Jackie Intro

(3:15) Allison intro

(5:50) Allison’s personal definition of success

(8:25) Allison’s next level of success

(10:03) “I really see success as evolving and continually getting more aware and confidently in charge of your business”

(12:15) Allison’s biggest successes thus far

(19:17) Advice for those experiencing their ‘rock bottom’ moment

(25:43) “If you’re not going to talk about your business, then who is going to talk about it?”

(27:00) How Allison’s business supports entrepreneurs

(32:15) Advice for those women who are early on in their entrepreneurial journey

Links Mentioned

Allison’s Instagram
Allison’s Website