Season 3, Episode 16

Let’s Talk About Planning & Organizing!

I absolutely LOVE planning and organization! However, when I started a business, I quickly learned that I was going to have to find new ways of planning and organizing because my tried and true methods did not fit entrepreneurship.


In this episode, I share insights into the systems and tools that work best for planning and organizing in my business. Feel free to try these suggestions for yourself or use them for inspiration. I’ve included some links to these resources below!

Episode Highlights

Hosts & Guests

Jackie Kossoff, Host

The Millennial Success Society

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Inside This Episode

(1:13) Jackie Intro

(3:23) *Disclaimer*

(4:08) The kind of planner Jackie uses

(4:44) The ‘Start’ planner

(5:52) The ‘I Focus’ planner

(6:55) The ‘Gratitude’ planner

(7:54) Jackie’s current planner: Wyze Planner

(11:19) Time Blocking

(16:28) “Monthly goal setting- amazing- totally recommend it!”

(16:48) The software systems Jackie uses

(17:00) Google Drive

(18:06) Word Press

(19:29) Adobe and Canva

(20:36) Shift

(23:35) Asana

(24:13) Convert Kit

(26:30) Stripe

(27:06) Moonclerk

(27:45) Honeybook

(30:00) Creating email templates

Links Mentioned
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Jackie’s Instagram
Jackie’s Website
START Planner
iFocus Planner
Wyze Planner