Season 2, Episode 18

Mindset & Digital Communities with Jenny Lachs

Jenny Lachs, Founder of Digital Nomad Girls, joins me on this episode to share her experience building one of the premier digital communities for women who work online and travel.

From her Facebook Group (30,000 and counting!) to her Inner Circle membership program (Disclaimer: I’m a founding member), Jenny’s insights are gold for anyone looking to build an online community, create an impactful brand, or become a digital nomad—once the pandemic is over, of course. 


Episode Highlights

Hosts & Guests

Jackie Kossoff, Host

Jenny Lachs, Founder of Digital Nomad Girls


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Inside This Episode

(1:27) Jackie Intro

(4:15) Please Leave a Review

(5:17) Jenny Intro

(10:58) About Digital Nomad Girls

(16:03) Jenny’s personal definition of success

(18:55) Jenny’s successes thus far

(22:00) Advice for women who want to build a business

(22:22) “Once you scratch the surface and get to know these people you realize that were all the same and we all struggle with the same stuff”

(22:26) “Mindset is always something that holds us back”

(22:52) “Stop caring what people think of you”

(26:30) How Jenny’s paid membership came about, what her original vision was and what it is now

(38:25) How membership services work

(45:09) Jenny’s next level of success

(49:07) Lessons learned from traveling

(53:32) “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”

(57:05) “The only way out is through”

Links Mentioned 
Digital Nomad Girls Community (Facebook Group)
Jenny’s Website (DNG)
Jenny’s Instagram (DNG)
Jenny’s YouTube (DNG)
Jenny’s Facebook (DNG)