Season 1, Episode 8

Unshakable Confidence with Katie Maggio

I had the pleasure of speaking with the founder of Level 10 Life, Katie Maggio. Sharing her journey to success, Katie dives into the secret to having unshakable confidence in your business and her tips on how to use a vision board or journal to create your dream life.

Breaking down the lessons she learned from her failures, Katie shares her tips on self-realization and why knowing ourselves is half the battle. We are all works in progress, but as Katie shares, our failures can fuel our success, and sometimes a Plan B can only distract us.   

Finally, Katie shares some of her go-to journaling topics to outlining your Level 10 Life, available in her free ebook!


Episode Highlights

Hosts & Guests

Jackie Kossoff, Host

Katie Maggio, Transformational Life Coach & Serial Entrepreneur


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Inside This Episode

(3:30) Who is Katie:

  • Transformation life coach and founder of Level 10 Life
  • Serial entrepreneur, speaker, and author
  • Currently run coaching and brick-and-mortar businesses
  • Mother, wife, self-proclaimed life enthusiast

(5:25) Katie’s personal definition of success:

  • Success is realizing that you’re called to something bigger
  • Turning your wounds into your strengths
  • When you gain clarity – realize what you’re here for
  • Living your ‘Level 10 Life’
  • Being truthful and honest with yourself

(8:45) Katie’s biggest successes so far:

  • Unshakable confidence has been an asset to my life
  • Born so confident and lose this along the way by dealing with baggage
  • Need to have certainty of one’s own worth
  • I started a few businesses that failed, but also things that have worked
  • Things can “fail/go wrong”, but we need to learn from these and not let us stray

(12:15) Tips for women in businesses that aren’t at the level they aspire to be at:

  • Used to be quick to judge and on edge to fight for what I wanted
  • When my first business failed I blamed others and outside scenarios — we need to grasp ownership on what went wrong
  • If you fail it’s not the end of the world — you just need to rebuild
  • Half the battle is just in trying and you will learn more about yourself in this
  • We look up to people in their success, but we don’t see the struggle to get there

(18:30) What is next for Katie:

  • Training to audition for Ted Talk
  • It’s okay to put other goals on pause so that you can dedicate the right time
  • Preparedness is half the battle
  • I often don’t have a Plan B — why not give Plan A your all
  • Writing a book about a guide to not making the mistakes I did
  • Be completely present in what you’re doing

(28:15) Advice for women just starting:

  • We are all a work in progress, we are always evolving
  • Actually show up and do the work, put your all in this and complete all of the steps
  • Learn to be strong, magnetic, and judgement-free

(32:15) Katie’s experiences along the journey that motivated her:

  • Always so tired of seeing people with things I wanted
  • Once realized that I could have all that with direction (vision board) — just need to give yourself permission of your desires

(34:15) Women who feel like they need a change in life, how to start your journey:

  • Ask yourself “how would it feel to be your best self” — create a vision board/journal
  • Ask yourself if you’re ready to live unapologetically in your truth
  • Journal your desires and your future
  • Write down the things that would need to be in place to create this reality
  • Write down the people you want in your life
  • Write down personal growth and development

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