Season 1, Episode 7

Alignment Activities

Looking to get out of a funk? In this solo episode, I talk about how to get back into alignment through discovering your “Alignment Activities.” I provide a few examples of my alignment activities and how I found them. From my own experience, I talk about how to practice alignment activities to get yourself out of a funk. It’s all about connecting back to yourself!

A lot of what makes a good alignment activity has to do with feeling connected to yourself and the world around you. Allowing yourself to embrace what lights you up in the first place can make such a difference! Diving deeper, I also provide some tips and suggestions on how to find your individual alignment activities!



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Jackie Kossoff, Host


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Inside This Episode

Alignment activity   

  • Finding yourself in funk and disconnected
  • When in a funk, negative self-talk exacerbates situation
  • Alignment Activity: way to push things aside and connect back to yourself   

(4:00) Individualized – how do you feel alignment  

  • Deal with funk in “unhealthy” ways, beat self up over it
  • Need to show self-compassion
  • Reason you’re feeling unaligned 
  • Reset and rejuvenate  

(8:10) How I discovered alignment activities  

  • About to work on my new email funnel
  • Broke down, was not in place that can write 
  • Put right energy to infuse emails  
  • Find something that lights you up inside  
  • Example: Getty Museum makes Jackie feel connected to history, culture, nature, and the human experience

(22:00) What lights you up 

  • Find what lights you up
  • Not to impress or trend set 
  • Multi-sensory   

(28:30) Individual Alignment


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