Season 1, Episode 28

Mentorship & Service with Stephen Somers

We have a first on the show for today! Our first male guest, Stephen Somers, joins me to talk all things mentorship, service, and building product-based businesses on Amazon! Stephen has built an 8-figure business on Amazon with the help of his mentor and business partner. He and his partner also co-founded Marketplace Superheroes, where they teach and coach others on how to build successful, product-based businesses on Amazon.

Episode Highlights


Hosts & Guests

Jackie Kossoff, Host

Stephen Somers, Marketplace Superhero


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Inside This Episode

(1:00) Jackie Intro

(3:00) Download the “How to Leave the 9-5 in 90 Days Checklist” at 

(5:53) Stephen’s story

(13:02) Stephen’s personal definition of success

(13:45) “If you don’t feel like you’re making a difference in somebody’s life then it doesn’t much matter”

(16:05) Advice for people struggling with wanting to help customers but also wanting to make money

(21:05) “Having the resources, skills and offering services is the easiest way to make money quickly”

(26:50) “You do not need to be original but all you need to be original with is your messaging”

(27:05) “The doing of the thing is not where the value is created”   

(31:10) Knowing your clients

(32:38) “Being self aware is so important in entrepreneurship”

(33:10) Where Stephen sees himself and his businesses going

(39:12) How to figure out what to do for your business and the steps from there

(43:25) Inspiring experiences

(46:20) “You have got to pay to play”

(47:40) “You’ve got to bet on yourself because if you don’t how do you expect anyone else to?”


Links Mentioned

Marketplace Superhero Website

Amazon Superhero Facebook