Season 1, Episode 2

6-Figures in 6-Months with Brooke Schultz

Brooke Shultz is an online business coach and heart-centered entrepreneur. Coming from the world of therapy, Brooke shares her story on taking the leap into the world of entrepreneurship and how she created a six-figure income for herself in just six short months (2:30).

Diving deeper, Brooke shares how mindset and success work together (5:45). As the Happiness Entrepreneur, Brooke describes her personal definition of success and what happiness really means to her (9:20). Recently engaged, she also talks about the importance of setting boundaries to create healthy relationships (10:45), as well as how to handle friends and family members who may not support your journey (14:30).

Jumping into Brooke’s own definitions of success, she shares her own personal and business successes (16:55), including a 100K mastermind launch (21:10), as well as her goals for the future: helping as many women around the world as possible with her courses and programs (29:50). In wrapping up the episode, Brooke shares her tips for women just starting out and how they can find support (32:45).

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Jackie Kossoff, Host

Brooke Shultz, Business Coach


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Inside This Episode

Online biz coach, heart centered woman entrepreneur, making 6 figures, help personal life

Masters in therapy, worked in it, then became a life coach and made

6 figures in 6 months

Group coach prog together

(2:30) how you grew your biz 6f 6m, what helped achieve that

  • Open mind, not what you expect, not stuck in ways, okay to find something else (i.e. marketing strategy)
  • Diving in head first day one, some have doubt about making it full time gig, once you’ve dive in you make right decisions, finding support, make growth

(5:45) how you see mindset, success, how they go together

  • Mindset and strategy go hand in hand, not just one, you need both, find both, aha checking in mindset wasn’t in good place in corporate mindset, excited when clients no show, tired and burnt out at 21

(9:20) own personal def of success, define in life

  • Visualize word happiness, I’m the happiness entrepreneur, being happy

(10:45) relationships, how she juggled building a business and successful relationship at the same time

  • Recently engaged (Nov), when i started biz was like hermet, staying up and sleeping in, working all day, only family and current friends, hard to meet people, you should do that when you’re young, dated online, slowed down and focused on biz, went out with fiance though, he supports vision, from first week helped implement boundaries, implement boundaries

(14:30) dating with traditional grad 9-5 background, did you encounter this

  • Came up with other family and friends, they are always questioning it, always going to be people who don’t understand, their story doesn’t have to be our story, we start our business for a reason, we can’t make their limitations our own, doesn’t mean you should go away, find boundaries of who you can talk to

(16:55) what are some biggest successes, biggest experiences in biz/life

  • Personal: meeting fiance, when I let go of that, was in 5yr relationship, when fell apart that went away, when I released that max came in, no longer looking and he came
  • Personal: live in boca raton (south fl), expensive place, wanted to move back, the entire family lives in the area, therapist salary couldn’t work, created job for lifestyle
  • Biz: $100,000 launch, shows know what i’m doing
  • Biz: bring in amazing clients, mindset, don’t work with clients that aren’t a good fit, work with perfect fit, they then snowball with more work/referral

(21:10) 100K launch, what were you launching and how you prepped, what you did

  • Mastermind, 6-month, give women a one-on-one coach with support from community, one-on-one calls, group calls, expert calls, Facebook community, big container where they can use every resource, prepped for 4-5 weeks before launch, did 3 week launch due to car accident, everything done before I launched it, everything set up for all scenarios, how many people helped with the launch, 2 full-time staff, you can’t do it all yourself when you’re growing, copywriter, designer, social media manager, own coach, invested $10K
  • When I saw this it wasn’t in cards for me, my goal was to replace 9-5 income, can have amazing things, those other people are at a dif point in journey, your success is amazing regardless of others

(29:50) what is the next level of success look like

  • Be able to serve more people, limitless to vision of people she can help, more programs she can create, creating courses that can help others not one-on-one, less money for me but helps others, checks in and nice to see what it does in their lives

(32:45) tips for women starting

  • Never give up, going to be good and bad days, you can change along the way, nothing wrong with making the bills but never give up on dream, getting a job along the way isn’t a failure
  • Find support, either coach or people you can call and vent help strategize, not always perfect days

(36:45) Age question, too young, what do you know

  • Not in biz, but as therapist, prepared for it, all people are asking can you actually help me, meet them where they are and explain to them, why does that fact matter in how i can help you
  • Too old, doesn’t affect

(42:15) any other things

  • Have support, don’t do by yourself
  • Social media and website link
  • Website has resources



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