Season 1, Episode 18

Entrepreneur Myths:

The Over-Saturated Market

 For this solo episode, I’m shedding light on one of the most prevalent entrepreneur myths holding new and aspiring entrepreneurs back: the idea that the market is over-saturated and no one will hire any newbies. I use basic economic principles to bust this myth and get to the reality of the situation. 


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Jackie Kossoff, Host


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Inside This Episode

(1:21) I really want to address a misconception in the online entrepreneur space which is that ‘the market is over-saturated and there’s no point and trying because there is too much competition out there’.

(2:19) Basically, you’re doomed and you think, ‘why would someone hire me over an established entrepreneur?’

3:15) I struggled with this and I had to stop and think that in this online space we work in has new people joining everyday. What’s more, we are all hiring each other! This means that this is a self-sustained community.

(4:45) If we all hire each other, that means that we are always able to hire other people and this kind of economy, this online market will not crash!

(7:07) Facebook groups are a great way to network and its really its own kind of economy! I’ve actually hired people from Facebook groups and have been hired from various Facebook groups, too!

(8:55) One of my mentors says “If there’s people doing what you’re doing, then that means it works!”.