Season 1, Episode 14

Self-Discovery in the 9-5 with Mae Deevy

 Mae Deevy shares her perspective from inside the 9-5, building her business intentionally on the side. She has allowed her corporate job to support her as she began her journey of self-discovery, figuring out what it really is she wants to do with her life before deciding on her business direction. Mae is now studying to be a hypnotherapist, something that she could not have predicted when she first started her journey.

I absolutely loved hearing from Mae about how she has approached her personal growth and business journey. She speaks a lot about mindset and balancing your 9-5 life and relationships while building your business. I personally wish I would have understood a lot of what she has to share back when I was in the 9-5, so I know this episode is going to be very useful to our listeners still in the corporate world!

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Mae Deevy, Hypnotherapy Practitioner (Student)


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** Mae’s Coupon Code for our listeners: MILLENNIAL2019 for 10% off one of her new client packages!

(3:50) Mae: I could’ve never told you I’d be here and doing what I’m doing today, even 1 year ago.

  • I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives.
  • I never guessed I’d be studying hypnotherapy, aromatherapy and still be in the corporate world.

(4:52) I was also creative as a child–my mom’s an artist and my dad is into music.

  • My spirit growing up has always been fed.
  • I was always called a weirdo in school but I took it as singing to the beat of my own drum.

(5:50) I studied music and minored in Italian. I always thought I’d be a singer.

(6:20) I’ve been working in the corporate world for 6 years now in corporate consulting. It involves a lot of travel.

(7:12) This was the only adult job I had had so I didn’t realize how stressed I was.

(7:50) I started to think that I needed to do more yoga, and I realized that when I did yoga it made me nicer.

(8:10) Then my sister really got into essential oils and I started to bring them to work with me.

(10:00) I realized that I was so involved with the corporate world that I completely lost touch with myself.

(11:04) In the corporate world there is the pressure to be promoted and keep up with your peers.

(11:25) I decided to take a yoga training course, and I took it at the very worst time.

  • But I realized I needed to shift things in my life.
  • It was during this that I realized it’s always never a right time–there’s always a conflict at some point in time whether big or small.

(13:00) It was then I started learning about chakras and the mind, body, and spirit connection.

(13:27) This opened up a new realm, and I was very embarrassed to talk with my coworkers about it.

(14:28) This whole road with yoga and essential oils has led me to where I am today to start studying hypnotherapy.

  • It was hard for me to meditate and just be.

(15:15) I have been practicing hypnotherapy every day, and I feel a grounding I haven’t felt before.

  • It’s been a super cool journey and I am excited to be entering into a realm where I can offer these services to others.

(17:03) My advice for women who are in the 9-5 world and who are looking to break out is that it is never the right time.

  • There is always going to be something that is going to be inconvenient.
  • Are you the happiest you can possibly be today?
  • If you really want this thing, just go and do it! There is never going to the be the right time, but there is never a wrong time.

(19:15) You are so worth giving yourself the time to do the things that you want to do!

(19:40) My personal definition of success is continuing to learn and educate myself.

(23:00) It’s great to use your knowledge to help others!

(25:15) During my time in corporate, my work friends were my real friends because we were together all the time.

  • It is hard to be your holistic self at work without being vulnerable.
  • You have to break out of your corporate box and then add in the other parts of yourself.
  • You can either be bold and be the first person to put yourself out there or there’s other options to meet friends like Meet-Up.
  • Bottom line–it takes courage!

(29:23) When I think of my future self and my future life, I think about freedom, fulfillment and pure joy.

  • In the future I envision myself working full time for myself with my hypnotherapy business, which is also supplemented by essential oils.

(33:03) The more that you get to know yourself the more that everything will be more successful down the line.

  • It’s a new habit, a new set of beliefs, and a new way of living with a positive mindset.

(36:14) It is important for everyone to see that everyone has a different mindset practice. (Mae uses the 5-minute journal!)

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