Season 1, Episode 13

Health, Clarity & Confidence with Priscilla Johnson

Priscilla Johnson began her entrepreneur journey upon overcoming 6 years of struggling with skincare. She wanted to help other women learn how to live holistic lifestyles that support their skin and overall health. In the episode, she shares how working with her clients has reinforced her discovery that health, clarity, and self-esteem can all build on each other.

I absolutely loved speaking with Priscilla about her journey in business, health, and life. We spoke about her preparations for European travel, a discussion which we continued after the episode wrapped. Priscilla also shares some of her best tips for up and coming entrepreneurs!


Episode Highlights

Hosts & Guests

Jackie Kossoff, Host

Priscilla Johnson, Nutritional Therapist


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Inside This Episode

(3:50) Priscilla: I have always had acne problems on my back, neck, and face.

  • I tried a lot of over the counter products and saw a lot of professionals throughout the years.

(4:50) The biggest problem people with acne have is we pick at our face and always feel dirty.

  • We think that the main problem is on the top of your face, your family says you’ll grow out of it, you’re given different prescribed topical medications, hormonal birth control, and antibiotics.

(6:55) One of the antibiotics I was prescribed was Acutane which has detrimental side effects (you have to get blood tests to make sure it’s not poisoning you, it can make you have suicidal thoughts, etc).

(7:45) I found through my 6-year journey that not one of the professionals I saw ever spoke about nutrition or activity levels.

(8:15) I went to school for nutrition, and I learned that how much nutrition plays a role in acne.

(8:55) I took my knowledge from school and decided to become an entrepreneur to help other people through their skin care journey.

(9:35) Jackie shares her own skin care journey.

(11:11) Priscilla: Starting my business, I thought I could just start a blog and people would find me.

  • I saw it more of a one on one type of thing.
  • I couldn’t picture what a day in the life would really be.

(12:22) I’m an introvert and starting a business you have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

(14:14) I recommend connecting with other female entrepreneurs when you’re starting out. Also having the mindset of thinking about why you’re scared of doing something. Then once you do it you’ll see, ‘Oh, that wasn’t so bad!’.

(17:25) Jackie shares about the difficulties faced by both introverts and extroverts when starting a business.

(18:40) Priscilla: My personal definition with success stems from my identity; the importance of taking care of my body as a whole.

  • I see how clients who work on their skin care issues start to feel more energized, have more mental clarity, etc.
  • My business is a part of a balanced, holistic, healthy life.
  • It is an elemental part of me: my passion is intertwined with my business.

(21:35) My biggest success is not only just clearing my skin; it impacted my self-esteem and how I viewed myself as a whole.

  • Another success is that it just showed me a better way to live; health is a journey.
  • I am also launching an online course!

(26:29) As entrepreneurs we don’t have to re-invent the wheel. We can rely on other entrepreneurs for advice to help us along the way!

(26:48) My next level of success is to do some more traveling and having the freedom to do so.

(27:42) I really want to go to Europe; France and Britain to be specific.

(29:00) I love the architecture and how people in France live in older historic homes. It mesmerizes me how people live there!

(31:06) Jackie suggests what times to go to Europe are the best.

(32:00) I recommend for people who are just starting out and trying to find their niche to get a coach/mentor!

(33:14) Having a positive mindset is super important too! Think about what your life will look like if you don’t do it!

(34:12) Being an entrepreneur is not going into work and getting immediate results with the gratification of a 2-week paycheck.

(35:29) You have to believe it before you see it!

(36:16) Getting my first client was a big moment for me. It was validation of all my hard work. It was a win!

(37:15) To connect with Priscilla: blog, Facebook and a course, linked above!

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