Season 1, Episode 10

Finding Your Life Purpose

Have you ever questioned whether your life has a purpose? Whether you’re living that purpose? Maybe you just feel lost and envy those you see who seem to be so fulfilled by their “mission” in life.

In this episode, I dive into a subject that seems to paralyze a lot of young people–myself included. Discovering your life’s purpose is more complex than dedicating your life to a cause or making a difference. It can be one thing or many. I’m about to explore the messy, beautiful journey that is finding one’s life purpose and figuring out how to start living it!


Episode Highlights

Hosts & Guests

Jackie Kossoff, Host


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Inside This Episode

(1:30) Your life’s purpose is something you are called to do!

(2:10) Some people get so caught up in their every day, especially the 9-5 job that they just feel like their life doesn’t have a purpose to it.

(2:45) I think young people put too much pressure on themselves and look at what other people are doing and they (we) feel intimidated by that.

(4:07) I believe people have more than one purpose on this earth.

(5:45) Observations on Life Purposes:

  • I realized that some people have an overarching purpose–the one thing they love that’s their sole purpose over everything else which is great!
  • But for me and other people, I feel that it is totally fine to have more than one purpose.
  • You can also discover new purposes in different phases in your life!

(7:03) Your purpose isn’t supposed to paralyze you!

(7:50) If you haven’t found your purpose yet, that is completely fine!

  • Action Step: Focus on the things you like, things you want to learn, your hobbies and passions!

(9:46) Use your mundane time to focus on your purpose if you have found it and are lacking the time to put into it!

  • For example: if you have a long commute to work, instead of listening to the radio listen to inspiring content like podcasts!

(11:00) Sometimes having many different purposes can be difficult to blend all your purposes together.

Main points:

  1. It is totally okay if you have not found your life’s purpose yet!
  2. If you have multiple purposes that is fine!
  3. It’s totally fine if your purpose does not live up to someone else’s purpose–don’t compare!