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by | Apr 16, 2019 | Season One

Thank you for tuning in and checking out my new podcast, the Millennial Success Stories Podcast! The goal of this podcast is to uplift, inspire, and empower young women in creating a life that is their own version of success. Creating a space where millennial women like ourselves can share their stories of success and how they navigated this unique time of their lives between young adulthood.

In this first episode, I dive into what the podcast is about and share a little about me: I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, marketing strategist and success coach who started my journey as a millennial entrepreneur back in 2017. Listen in as I share my own personal definition of success (12:22), as well as the “failures” that led to some of my biggest successes so far (15:22) and my tips for other women (26:22).

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Jackie Kossoff, Host

The Millennial Success Society

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Inside This Episode

Thank you for tuning in and checking out a new podcast!

Introduction to the show and what to expect, mission and vision for podcast:

Mission statement: uplift, inspire, and empower young women to create a life that is their own version of success

Space where millennial women like ourselves can share their stories

A unique time of our lives in the transition from a corporate job to entrepreneurship, but also the transition from young adulthood; share these types of experiences

Success of millennial women and/or those who experienced success at a young age

Introduction to me, my journey

Marketing strategist and success coach, multi passionate entrepreneur, writer, history lover, reader.

2017 started journey

What lit me up was the success I can help women achieve, tap into their inner potential for their own version of success.

Millennial Women’s Mastermind, info here (See “Links Mentioned”)

Accountability Collective

Accountability Mentorship Program

Free Facebook group – Millennial Success Society – for more of millennial success stories, join the community

Creating community within all of my programs

Answering questions I plan to ask my guests

  • (12:22) Personal definition of success: all encompassing; all different areas of life like health, relationship, family, personal development; create success with integration; people are inherently successful; success is a choice
  • (15:22) Biggest successes: my lowest point, last summer; built business with consistent flow, two potential clients who would double income, already planning how to spend money, didn’t work out but affected me; made it a reflection of me and how I was doing, thought I was completely unsuccessful even though I didn’t have control over this; did I need to go back? No, realized I needed to revamp how I was running and showing up for my business; shouldn’t be questioning going to back-up plan, can’t have a back-up plan, fully committed, had mindset shift after revamp
  • (23:22) have you achieved your ideal level of success, why/why not? No, but as an entrepreneur this is always evolving so we’ll never get here, always a new destination in mind, vision has expanded
  • (26:22) tips for young women just starting out; just get started, take that first step; no one knows the answers; can’t obsess over unknown; you’ve never done this before, so you don’t know what it really is like or how it’ll happen; embrace the journey, doesn’t matter how big or how long it takes


Links Mentioned:

Millennial Women’s Mastermind

Accountability Collective

Accountability Mentorship Program