I am so excited to share more with you about one of my essential principles of goal setting! Having a clear purpose is vital in achieving any goal and provides the direction necessary to maintain your motivation as you move closer to your goal.

If you’re ready to learn about identifying the purpose(s) that compels you to the achievement of your dreams, please keep reading! 

What is Purpose

According to the dictionary purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. It may seem obvious what purpose is and why it would be helpful to have as you’re pursuing your goals, but it’s importance should not be underestimated. Most people fail to reach their goals because they either have a misaligned purpose or lack a defined purpose entirely.

Your purpose should be so compelling and all-encompassing that it consistently drives you on a daily basis and ties in with your ultimate vision. For instance, identifying your purpose as “The financial freedom to uplevel my lifestyle” will serve you far longer than identifying your purpose as “Buying a new car.” That new car can be a step on the path to living your purpose, but I’d advise caution before assigning a finite, short-term purpose to any goal.

How Clarity of Purpose Helps to Set Goals

Having clarity of purpose not only helps to fight distractions, but it also fuels your motivation to complete every single task on the path to goal achievement. When you feel like you have a purpose, it’s easy to channel your excitement into the actions necessary to achieving your goal. Without this clarity, many people lose sight of why they’re trying so hard in the first place. That new car can wait. That trip to the Caribbean can be pushed back to 2020 instead of 2019. It’s not just the car or the trip, it’s the whole lifestyle and experience!

How to Find Your Clarity of Purpose

In the Accountability Collective, I break down all of the steps it takes in achieving your goals, talking more about what it takes to find your clarity of purpose. Below are a few tips when trying to find your clarity of purpose in goal setting.

  1. Define what you desire in life, why you want it, and what you would gain by achieving it. You should be specific in identifying your desires. It will be easier to connect each goal to its corresponding purpose if you can name specifics.
  2. Envision or visualize your future. Thinking about your purpose or end goal not only gets you excited to achieve it, but it makes you take the time to really think about it and determine if you’ve left anything out or want to shift your vision and purpose. The more you brainstorm and visualize what it takes to achieve, the more ideas or solutions you can find.
  3. Seek Out Other Successful People and Mentors. It’s important to surround yourself with those who are successful and driven to serve as examples and motivators, as well as mentors. The Accountability Collective offers mentorship and uses its strong community of entrepreneurial women to both motivate and provide guidance throughout the goal-setting process.  

Having Clarity of Purpose can benefit you beyond goal setting. Understanding your purpose can help you feel more control over your life and reduce stress when thinking about the future. Often, we can grow frustrated and even anxious about the fact that we “don’t know our purpose”. Please reach out or comment below if you have more questions on your clarity of purpose in goal setting. Check out the Accountability Collective to learn how you can join a community of amazing and inspirational women!