I am so excited to share everything about Brand Voice with you! It is one of my absolute favorite topics to talk about!

To start off, I want to emphasize that your brand voice will be present in any communication you have with your clients because your brand voice is HOW YOU COMMUNICATE with your audience. It may manifest itself in written or spoken form (blog post vs. podcast) and across all different platforms (websites, social media, email, etc.).

Brand Voice is all about connecting to your brand’s personality and how you wish your customers and clients to perceive your brand. Do you want your customers to find your brand fun or professional, optimistic or straighforward, quirky or serious? Any personality trait you could give a person could be applied to your brand and should be evident in your brand voice.

For instance, the following is the caption of one of my posts on Instagram:

“Facebook Friday! How do you communicate your business services on Facebook? I advise my clients to think of their Facebook business page as an alternative to their website. A significant number of consumers would prefer to research a business on Facebook instead of their website. By including information about your services and brand values in addition to curated and insider content, your ideal clients will be more inclined to purchase from you directly from Facebook!

Do you have all the necessary info for your ideal clients to make a purchase decision from your Facebook page?”

Note that my brand voice makes itself known from the very beginning. The short exclamation letting people know what my post is about builds excitement. My advice is given in a well thought-out and encouraging manner. I keep my audience engaged by leaving them with question to make them think about what I just told them.

BONUS Tip: If you have a brand that is closely related to you as an individual instead of only the services or products your business provides, consider including elements of your personality into your brand voice so that it comes more naturally to you when creating content and messaging. For instance, I consider my brand voice an extension of my best personality traits. When clients get on the phone with me, I sound very similar to the way my brand “sounds” online!