Season 1, Episode 21

How Traditional is the 9-5?

I’m unleashing my passion for history in this episode to tackle the question, “How Traditional is the 9-5?” When put into historical context, we can easily see how recently the 9-5 was adopted by Western nations.

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Hosts & Guests

Jackie Kossoff, Host


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Inside This Episode

(1:12) Intro
(1:25) Exciting news!!! My “How to Leave the 9-5 in 90 Days Checklist” has officially been released!
(2:25) Leaving the typical 9-5
(5:15) How typical is the 9-5 work day?
(6:36) Industrial Revolution history
(8:25) The baker’s 9-5
(9:10) 9-5 started as a product of people working in factories during the Industrial Revolution
(10:15) The 8-hour work day
(11:12) North and South on the BBC
(11:52) WWI 🡪 Great Depression 🡪 WWII
(15:30) The 9-5 was created to give people stability
(16:21) The 9-5 was only really started about 75 years ago
(18:58) The 9-5 is actually super recent and could be called a societal experiment


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