Season 3, Episode 21

Boss Up in Life & Business with Sahreen Quadir

Are you managing your business or is your business managing you? Leadership & Business Coach and Founder of Boss Up With Sahreen, Sahreen Quadir, joins me in this episode to share insights on how taking a more holistic approach to entrepreneurship can help us achieve our goals in our businesses and lives.

Sahreen also opens up about some of the personal challenges she overcame early on in her business.

Episode Highlights

Hosts & Guests

Jackie Kossoff, Host

Sahreen, Founder of Boss Up with Sahreen

The Millennial Success Society

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Inside This Episode

(1:14) Jackie Intro

(4:22) Sahreen Intro

(9:00) Tips on how to juggle the 9-5 and your business

(13:17) How to get through tough times while running your business

(15:55) “Whatever sadness that was lingering I channeled it into my business and I just used it to create content”

(17:12) “Honor yourself and you will get through it”

(18:83) Sahreen’s personal definition of success

(21:23) Sahreen’s biggest success thus far

(23:51) Sahreen’s future plans for her business

(25:42) Advice for young entrepreneurs

(27:25) How do you define consistency in your business?

(31:18) Inspirational story from Sahreen

(37:00) How Stress can trigger health problems

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Sahreen’s Website

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