Season 2, Episode 16

Let’s Talk About Legal (& Other) Stuff!

It’s time for another controversial topic: legal, accounting, and insurance realities of running a business. Most entrepreneurs are afraid to share their experiences because they are not experts—and may have made some embarrassing mistakes. However, our businesses cannot grow and prosper without each of these pieces in place.

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means an expert on any of these topics. I only share from my own experiences. Any recommendations I make in this episode should NOT be taken as legal, accounting, or insurance advice. The content of this episode is intended to make listeners think about these topics and do more research on their own to figure out what’s right for their businesses. 


Episode Highlights

Hosts & Guests

Jackie Kossoff, Host

The Millennial Success Society

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Inside This Episode

(1:12) Jackie Intro
(3:25) Should I start my business as a LLC or a Sole Proprietorship?
(6:40) What kind of business contracts should I have?
(10:15) Warnings with contracts
(10:53) “Make sure you are 100% confident in what this contract means and what you are agreeing to.”
(12:15) Make sure to have privacy policies and terms of service on your website
(13:10) Should I have an accountant?
(15:22) Should I get a bookkeeper?
(16:22) Should I use a CPA/service to have my taxes done?
(17:40) Should I have business liability insurance?

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